Tiers and earning Qantas Points

When Qantas Frequent Flyer members take eligible flights, they earn Qantas Points and Status Credits, both of which help build strong engagement with the program.

The Qantas Points are added to the member’s account, to be used for all sorts of rewards, including Reward Flights.

The Status Credits help a member rise through our membership tiers, from Bronze through to Platinum One. The higher the tier, the more privileges a member enjoys when flying with us again, such as lounge access and upgrades.

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Cars, accommodation and experiences

Our members can earn Qantas Points on services throughout the travel journey, including car hire, taxis, accommodation, restaurants, cruises, travel insurance, overseas spending and experiences.

To add stickiness to the relationship, we help members search and book ideal experiences worldwide through the Qantas Hotels, and Qantas Car Hire sites, and negotiate deals and exclusives as well as cruises and over 400,000 points-earning restaurants. Members can also redeem their points for accommodation or for car hire vouchers valid in Australia or New Zealand.

The backbone to opportunities of mutual benefit to members and brands is technological innovation, evidenced by our recent partnership with Airbnb, the first airline globally to partner with the accommodation phenomenon.

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