Red Planet


Red Planet is a new business that offers companies the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of Qantas Loyalty to redefine their marketing. The result is significantly improved marketing effectiveness and a greater ability to understand the customer.

Over the last 27 years, Qantas Frequent Flyer has accrued billions of customer records and transactions. Our unique ability to understand this data and make sense of consumer habits has allowed us to create a range of proprietary data sources covering general consumer traits.

By overlaying this data from the real world, with behavioural data from the online world, we’re able to identify and target consumers with a new level of accuracy that is currently unavailable in the market.

This allows clients to make most of every dollar and target the consumers they really want to, reducing wastage of budget and creating incredibly effective marketing campaigns.

Red Planet has three core products:

  • Media: Data driven online targeting
    • Companies and partners can utilise our data to overlay a sophisticated level of segmentation to a digital media buy. It is the targeting of an eDM, but in the online space.
    • Red Planet is uniquely positioned to marry offline and online behavioural data to target effectively, bringing new meaning to the cliché right time, right message, right place.
    • Red Planet also has the ability to assist clients in avoiding advertising being served to an irrelevant audience.
  • Analytics: Understanding consumer insights
    By engaging with Red Planet, customers can leverage the scale and expertise of our analytics teams to make sense of their own data and draw out insights that can shape their business strategies and marketing campaigns.
  • Research: Access to affluent and mass Australia
    Red Planet has panels of engaged members from the Qantas Frequent Flyer and Aquire bases who participate in ongoing market research. This allows companies to understand the attitudes, wants and needs of both mass and affluent Australia to enrich their consumer knowledge and inform business decisions.

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